Interested in research and presentation? Sign up for the paper and poster competition!

This section of the conference offers valuable experience to participating students. The paper competition will consist of a fifteen minute oral presentation followed by a short Q&A session. The poster competition will consist of a 5 minute poster presentation. The subject of the presentations is decided by the students but generally focus on recent advancements in the chemical engineering industry.  Awards will be given to the first, second, and third place winners. The first place winner will be eligible to compete in the National Student Paper Competition.

Review the information below and then sign up for the competition on the registration page.

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Keep Track of These Important Dates:

Early Bird Registration Deadline: Tuesday, March 1st

Registration Deadline: Friday, April 13th

Conference Start: Friday, April 13th

Paper and Poster Competition: Saturday, April 14th

Paper Competition Rules

Papers presented at the National Student Paper Contest (NSPC) held annually at the AIChE Annual Meeting must conform to the following rules to be eligible for presentation and to qualify for a prize.

  1. The student presenting the paper should be the first place presenter at an AIChE Student Chapter Regional Conference held during the same calendar year as the Annual Meeting at which the paper is presented. In the event that the first place presenter from the Regional Conference is unable to attend the NSPC, the presenter of the second place paper in will be invited to represent the Region. The presenter of the third place paper from the Regional Conference will be invited to present, if the second place presenter is unable to participate. The presenter representing the region in the NSPC must place no lower than third at the Regional Conference. Eligible presenters must indicate their willingness to participate in the NSPC by submitting an abstract to the NSPC chair by the deadline set for the Annual Meeting. In the event that the Regional Conference is held after this deadline, the abstract must be submitted within the week following the conclusion of the Regional Conference.
  2. The presenter of the paper must have been an undergraduate at the time his or her paper was presented at an AIChE Student Chapter Regional Conference.
  3. The contents of the paper must be substantially different than any paper presented by the presenter at any previous National Student Paper Contest.
  4. Only one paper from each AIChE Student Chapter Regional Conference shall be presented. In the case of a tie for first prize in a Regional Conference, or if two first prizes are awarded, the Region must make a selection and nominate only one paper for the National Student Paper Contest.
  5. Co-authors on papers are allowed; however, only one person shall make the presentation at the National Student Paper Contest, and this person must have been substantially involved in the project or subject of the presented paper.
  6. A panel of not less than three judges will evaluate the presentations. The decision of the panel of judges will be final.

Judging Rubric


Design and execution of the research/project (15 points)

  • Did the approach show creativity or new thought in attacking the problem?
  • Was the research/project plan well designed?
  • Was the research/project executed precisely, accurately, and/or efficiently?

Evaluation of the result (10 points) 

  • How reliable are the results?
  • Are the results interpreted correctly?
  • Are the conclusions based on sound data? (not exaggerated, implied or "over-interpolated")

Importance and/or relevance of the research/project (10 points)

  • Did the investigator communicate the relevance or importance of the research/project?
  • Did the investigator address the practical application of the research/project?
  • Did the investigator recognize the economic and environmental implication of such technology?


Organization (15 points)

  • Introduction: Did it prepare the audience?
  • Outline: Was there logical flow of thought?
  • Summary: Did it summarize the main points?

Delivery (15 points) 

  • Clarity of speech
  • Tone of voice
  • Visual contact with the audience
  • Calmness (Lack of nervous habits)

Visual materials (15 points)

  • Clarity of materials (Could you read them?)
  • Content of visual materials
  • Explanation of figures, graphs, etc. (Was it adequate?)

Interaction with the Audience (15 points)

  • Did the speaker capture the attention of the audience?
  • Was the speaker able to provoke significant questions?
  • Did the speaker handle the questions well?

Timing (5 points)

  • Was the presentation within the time limits?
  • Did the speaker allow appropriate time for questions?